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Richard Jankov
Executive Director/Instructor


Richard is a passionate student of the Bible. He has taken several courses with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries where he was exposed to Christian apologetics and spiritual disciplines. The “Phase Training” courses and the work of the Holy Spirit in his life are a source of motivation for sharing this knowledge and other vital information with others in the Christian community. Richard has traveled through much of North America and to Europe to share the good news of the gospel to young and old alike.



I had the privilege of being born and raised in a Christian home and a healthy Apostolic Christian Church. I was baptized as a believer in 1980 and continued to learn God’s word in the tradition of the men of our Richland, WA congregation- seeking the meaning of original Greek text, exchanging interpretations and understandings, challenging one another and finding life application (which has grown into a passion for me) from the scriptures. I am grateful that God continues to mature me and as He does, several key transitions have come about in my life. God directed me to leave Richland to assist our small church in Columbus, OH in 1991 where I was able to teach His word. They asked me to begin preaching in 1997 and I have been doing both since. In 2008, having seen what seemed to be an increasing need for individual pastoring and personal availability, God called me into full-time ministry. I served for a year in our Columbus church and have now been in Wooster serving since 2010. I have taken training in Biblical Counseling (through a NANC certified counselor) and also training in conflict resolution through Peacemakers International. I am honored that the Lord entrusts me with the responsibility of teaching His word to others and thus my typical schedule is filled primarily with Biblical Counseling, church responsibilities, and instructing at Legacy Bible Institute. God provides my support through donated funds and other contributions and as the schedule allows, I work as a “tent maker”- remodeling/flipping our residences for profit. I am married to the most beautiful woman in the world and have two very talented sons.



At Legacy, I have had the wonderful opportunity to dig deeper into Scripture with students and share the excitement that comes with ‘growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ’ (2 Peter 1:2; 3:18).  Every year I am challenged, not only by the Word, but also by the new students who come – by the questions they bring and the perspectives they offer.  It has been a blessing to be involved in this learning community, which has been a perpetual workshop for discipleship; we not only ‘waste’ the time to sit under Christ and the apostles’ teachings (Luke 10:38-42), but also try to actively practice what it means to live and serve in God’s Kingdom (Luke 10:1-11).  It has also been a delight for me to teach (and learn) about the history of the Apostolic Christian Church, getting my peers excited about how God has been at work through our collective past, and laying the foundation for a deeper understanding and critical appreciation of our faith heritage.  It is my prayer that God would continue to lead people to be a part of this program, and that God would continue to grant the increase to this humble effort to enliven a radical discipleship within our congregations.

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