Youth Mentoring Program

The purpose of UBY’s Youth Mentoring Program is to utilize the method Jesus used to train and teach disciples to be leaders and evangelists for the sake of His Kingdom.

The goal is to equip youth with a strong understanding of Biblical truth, the Christian worldview and to provide practical on the job experience for effective ministry in North America and other parts of the world.

Establish and Maintain a Strong Foundation of:
Prayerful dependence upon God
Priority of God’s Word
Caring community in Christ
Godly mentoring and faithful accountability

Build, Equip & Train Interns through:
Personal devotions
Group devotions

9-month Gap Year program of Biblical study and practical training through Legacy Bible Institute in Ohio:
Bible knowledge, wisdom & understanding
Christian apologetics/worldview
Christian history
College & Counseling Partnership
Accredited colleges & universities for undergraduate and advanced degrees
Counseling certificates

Advanced Youth Mentoring & Undergraduate Degree Support at Selected Colleges & Universities:
Successful and qualified applicants will receive:
Mentoring and guidance in undergraduate college course selection
Scholarships and Internships in the field of:
Biblical Counseling
Biblical Studies
Camp Outdoor and Adventure Leadership
Other approved studies

Ministry & Service Training Projects
Music & worship
After-school programs
Community outreach